The ME Revolution: Mindful Eating

Have you failed your diet? Or has your diet failed you?The simple fact is: diets don’t work. Diets do not lead to sustainable weight loss. They do not lead to health improvements. And they most certainly don’t lead to happiness. You may be convinced that this diet will be the one to work. This one will be different. A wise man (Albert Einstein) once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Are you ready to try something different?

Join the Mindful Eating (“ME”) Revolution to stop dieting and start living with peace and wellness. Become a part of a rapidly growing movement to end shame, guilt, and poor self-esteem related to the failures of dieting.  Learn a new way to develop a permanent, individualized approach to ending your struggle with food.


What is the ME Revolution?

The ME Revolution is an alternative to dieting. It will help you turn off the dieting mentality and start eating in a way that feels natural and attuned to your body. The ME Plan utilizes the tools of mindfulness meditation to increase awareness and control of eating behaviors. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to and seeing clearly whatever is happening in our lives in a nonjudgmental way. We can then respond to life’s pressures and our habitual emotional eating with new healthier choices. Mindfulness has been proven through research to be an effective treatment for overeating.

We are often not present in our lives. We fail to notice what our bodies are telling us and we eat on “automatic pilot.” Often we eat in response to external cues rather than internal ones. Then we attack ourselves with toxic self-criticism. Instead of attempting to override your body’s natural physiology through willpower and dieting, mindful eating will help you work with your body’s natural physiology without struggle.

How do I get involved?

Dr. Conason offers a number of avenues to get involved with The ME Revolution. Interested in learning more about The ME Revolution? Check out the articles in The Anti-Diet blog on this site or Eating Mindfully on Psychology Today. In these blogs, Dr. Conason writes about different aspects of The ME Revolution, including body image, disordered eating, mindful eating tips and techniques, and recent research findings. Also check out Dr. Conason’s interviews in the popular press. Follow Dr. Conason on Twitter and like her on Facebook for frequent tips on Mindful Eating, body image, and commentary on current events that effect The ME Revolution. Ready to spread the message about The ME Revolution? Tweet using #TheMErevolution and #DietsDontWork. Use Facebook to let your friends and family know why you are getting off the dieting-self-loathing rollercoaster and using Mindful Eating to develop a more compassionate relationship with food and your body. Speak out against diet talk. Sign up for Dr. Conason’s Newsletter to receive updates and tips straight to your inbox.

If you live in New York City, join The ME Revolution group. This is a 9-week group that will teach you the fundamentals of mindful eating and a new approach to authentically caring for your body and you self. The ME Revolution is about mindful eating, but also about so much more. It is about learning to trust yourself, to honor your body, to question what we think we know about weight and health, and to eat in a way that is nourishing both your body and soul. This group takes place once per week for 9 consecutive weeks and meets at Dr. Conason’s office on East 57th Street. For more information about times and dates for this group, join the email list or contact Dr. Conason.

Not able to join the 9-week group? Try a workshop. Workshops offer an introduction to The ME Revolution in the form of a one-time meeting centered around a specific topic such as ME around the holidays or ME and diabetes. Join the email list to be notified of new workshops and groups.